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Dr. Leo McCandlish

Forensic Psychologist

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Loyola University MA, Industrial Psychology, Fordham University

State of Texas, 1975 State of Florida, 1982

Professional Associations:
St. Elizabeth (Federal Mental) Hospital (1971-1980) Supervisory Clinical Psychologist, Chief, for section of hospital involving 2,000 patients Chief Psychologist Federal Prison, Seagoville, Texas (1980-1983) Regional Chief Psychologist (1984-199

Teaching and Research Appointments:
Chairman, Department of Psychology Catholic University of Puerto Rico (1968-1971) Assistant Professor, Criminology Sam Houston University (1980-1987) Adjunct Clinical Professor Southwestern Medical School, Dallas (1980-1984)


Clinical-Forensic Psychology,
Clinical Consultant,
Industrial Psychology Consultant,
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Specialty Certifications:
Diplomate, American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology

Selected Cases:
Court Testimony: Involved in the Jenkins decision which permitted clinical psychologists to testify with parity with psychiatrists concerning the presence or absence of mental disease Testified in many cases before the D.C. Circuit Court

Selected Publications:
Several journal articles and papers, most notable: Paper presented at the Congress of the World Federation of Mental Health in Prague, Czechoslovakia Paper presented at the International Congress of Psychology in Moscow