The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Forensic Sciences Review tm is an international and interdisciplinary group of experts who have made distinguished contributions to the knowledge and interface of the nexus between science and the law. They represent the respected traditions of excellence in practice, research and teaching. They are committed to the ethical standards of their respective professions and to the enhancement of the administration of justice.

The Board and its members embrace the goal of actualizing the model of effective services based upon the model of practice, research and teaching. The Board includes professionals of considerable forensic experience working in the fields of behavioral science, medicine, applied economics and engineering.


Michael Nash, JD, PhD

Editorial Panel:

Behavioral Sciences:

Barbara Abrams, EdD
Laurence Abrams, PhD
Sharon Anderson, EdD
Helen Edmondson, ACSW
Alan Gordon, PhD
Robert Gordon, JD, PhD
Susan Gwaltney, PhD
J Ray Hays, JD, PhD
Sheri Holloway, PhD
Michael Lindsey, JD, PhD
Leo McCandlish, PhD
Fanny Mui-ching Cheung, PhD
Manisha Sen, PhD
Tanya Taylor, PhD
J. Clemente Vivanco, PhD
Jim Will, PhD

Financial Analysis:

Paul French, CPA
Allen Jacobs, PhD
Kenneth E. Lehrer, PhD
Randy McLaughlin, CPA
Bharat Parikh, MBA

Medical Sciences:
Leo Borrell, MD
Scott Hensley, MD
James Weiss, MD

Retired Judges/Legal Scholars:

Honorable Thomas Lambros
Honorable Eric Andell

Felix Chevalier, JD
Arthur “Cappy” Eades, JD
Ami Gordon, JD

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